How to Obtain Incentives from the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI)


The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) is a leading government organization aimed at stimulating investments in Thailand. The BOI offers various tax and non-tax incentives and preferences to Thai and foreign companies in accordance … Read more

Thailand`s LTR Visa explained

LTR Visa Thailand

What is an LTR Visa The Long-Term Resident (LTR) Visa is for high-potential foreigners, targeting: The LTR Visa holder’s spouse and children under 20 can also be included, up to four family members. LTR Visa Issuance Statistics On May 30, … Read more

Cannabis business in Thailand

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Legalization (Decriminalization) of Cannabis in Thailand Cannabis, known as ganja in Thailand, has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. However, in 1934, following global trends, Thailand adopted the Marijuana Act, criminalizing cannabis. This act was later absorbed into the … Read more

Thailand Updates Investment Incentive Criteria for Software Development and Data Centers

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On March 15, 2024, Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) issued a regulation updating its investment incentives for software development and data centers, replacing the previous categories (8.1 for software and digital platforms, and 8.2.1 for data centers) with new classifications. … Read more

Entering Thai Retail Business: Key Legal Considerations

Thai retail market entry

Understanding the Foreign Business Restrictions In Thailand, the Foreign Business Act (FBA) establishes significant restrictions for foreign businesses. This includes defining ‘foreigners’ as both foreign individuals and legal entities, as well as entities in Thailand where foreigners own the majority … Read more

Education Visa in Thailand

Thai ED Visa

The Education Visa in Thailand: What Is It? The Non-Immigrant ED Visa, commonly known as the education or student visa, is intended for foreign nationals who wish to enter Thailand for educational purposes. This encompasses: The education visa allows foreigners … Read more

How to Become a Thai Citizen

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How to Obtain Thai Citizenship: The Advantages Obtaining Thai citizenship can significantly improve the quality of life for foreigners residing in the kingdom. Here are the main benefits: Most importantly, Thai citizenship secures your right to stay and live in … Read more

Thai Permanent Residency

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Permanent Residency in Thailand – Key Advantages General Requirements for Permanent Residency in Thailand Applications for permanent residency are processed by the Royal Thai Immigration Commission with an annual quota of 100 people per country, typically from October to December. … Read more

Contract law in Thailand

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Contract Law in Thailand Contract law in Thailand is primarily governed by the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand B.E. 2468 (“CCC”). General provisions of contract law are outlined in Sections 354 to 394, while specific types of contracts are … Read more