Thailand’s New EEC Visa: A 10-Year Opportunity for Foreign Professionals

What is the EEC Visa?

The EEC Visa is a special 10-year visa introduced by the Thai government to attract foreign professionals and executives to work in Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). This initiative aims to boost key industries and promote economic growth in the region.

What is the EEC?

The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) is a development initiative targeting three provinces east of Bangkok: Rayong, Chonburi, and Chachoengsao, covering 13,000 square kilometers. The EEC focuses on enhancing infrastructure and fostering key industries to transform the region into a high-tech industrial hub.

Targeted Industries in the EEC

1. Next-Generation Automotives

2. Intelligent Electronics

3. High-Value and Medical Tourism

4. Advanced Agriculture and Biotechnology

5. Food for the Future

6. Automation and Robotics

7. Aviation and Logistics

8. Biofuel and Biochemical

9. Digital

10. Medical and Comprehensive Healthcare

11. Defense

12. Education and Human Resource Development

Validity of the EEC Visa

  • Up to 10 years, based on employment contracts.
  • Allows multiple entries and exits.
  • Initial stay up to 5 years upon first entry.

Tax Benefits of the EEC Visa

Categories of the EEC Visa

  • EEC Visa “S”: Specialists
  • EEC Visa “E”: Executives
  • EEC Visa “P”: Professionals
  • EEC Visa “O”: Spouses and dependents

Fees of the EEC Visa

  • Issuance or conversion: 10,000 baht (approx. US$273) per person per year.
  • EEC work permit: 20,000 baht (approx. US$547) per person.

We will provide updates with official documents and detailed rules as soon as they are published.

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