Thailand Announces New Destination Thailand Visa (DTV)

Introduction of the Destination Thailand Visa (DTV)

Destination Thailand Visa
Source: Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, 29 May 2024

On May 28, the Thai government unveiled significant updates to its visa policy aimed at boosting tourism and the economy. Among these updates is the introduction of the new Destination Thailand Visa (DTV).

The DTV aims to allow foreigners who wish to reside in Thailand for both work and tourism purposes (workcation). The qualifications and benefits are as follows:

Eligible Individuals for the Destination Thailand Visa (DTV)

  1. Foreigners for Long-term Tourism and Remote Work:
    • High-skilled professionals (foreign talent)
    • Freelancers/digital nomads
  2. Foreigners Interested in Other Activities:
    • Learning Muay Thai and martial arts
    • Cooking classes
    • Sports training
    • Medical treatments
    • Attending training, seminars
    • Art and music exhibitions

Currently, only a tourist visa for a 60-day stay and a single 30-day stay extension is available, so the DTV targets these specific groups.

Accompanying Family Members

  • Legal spouses and legitimate children under 20 years old of the eligible individuals.

Financial Requirements for the Destination Thailand Visa (DTV)

  • Foreigners must have financial proof or financial support evidence for their stay, or a guarantor with funds not less than 500,000 THB for the entire duration of their stay in Thailand.

Benefits of the Destination Thailand Visa (DTV)

  1. Stay Duration:
    • The DTV allows a stay in Thailand for up to 180 days per entry.
  2. Visa Fee and Validity:
    • Visa fee is 10,000 THB with a validity of 5 years.
  3. Extension Rights:
    • The visa holder has the right to extend their stay once for up to 180 days by paying an additional fee of 10,000 THB.
  4. Visa Type Change:
    • The visa type can be changed within the country, ending the current visa status.

Limited Information and Ongoing Updates

The details about the new visa are limited since it was just announced on May 28, 2024. Some rules are not clear yet. We are monitoring for updates and will provide more information once the official documents are published.

When will the DTV Visa be available?

The government public relations department reported on May 31 that the new visa rules, which include the DTV, are expected to come into effect in late June or early July.

Official Announcement and Further Information

For more information, you can refer to the official announcement here.

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